Join the Glasgow Tigers

If you would like to join the team, please feel free to come along to any training session.

Most questions that prospective players tend to ask will be answered here. If there are any further questions please feel free to Message our Facebook Page and we will get back to you quickly.

More About The Team

The Glasgow Tigers are the only senior men's American Football team based in the city of Glasgow. The overwhelming majority of players who turn up to try out for the team have never played the sport before. In 2015 we had 112 different players attend at least one training session with us. 77 attended 3 or more fully kitted sessions. 61 registered to play for us. Of those 61, 55 players made at least one appearance for the Tigers last season (6 players missed the season due to injury). A massive 44 of those 55 had less than 2 years of experience playing senior American Football in the UK. We are a young team packed with raw talent led by award-winning coaching staff with decades of experience. Now is the perfect time to get involved.

What We Expect From You

We do not require you to have any previous experience in American Football. It is obviously beneficial if you have an understanding of the game, a decent level of fitness and physical strength or previous experience in any sport but we regularly take in absolute beginners, many of whom turn out to be our star players. We do have a minimum attendance policy for training and you must be able to attend most training sessions or you will not be eligible to play. You must be of good character and be willing to work hard and take instruction from our coaches and senior players. We also require an annual fee to be paid by all players and coaches. More details will be given to you once you have started training with the team.

Wednesday Training

On Wednesday evenings we train from 7pm-9pm at Govan Campus (Riverside Primary School) 635 Govan Road. We train indoors in a gym hall. All you need is normal gym clothes and a bottle of water. There is a cost of £1 per player for this session although we offer your first session free of charge.

Govan Campus is a 5 minute walk from Govan Subway station. The area is also very well served by buses and is easy to get to.

Sunday Training

From September to December there is NO training on Sunday.

On Sundays when there is no match we train at Cambuslang Rugby Club from 1pm-4pm. This is a grass surface so you should wear studded football/rugby boots. These sessions at Cambuslang are free of charge.

The nearest train station is Burnside - a 10 minute walk. Cambuslang station is around 25 minutes from the rugby club. Bus travel is also possible. Our players and coaches travel from all around the greater Glasgow area so it is highly probable that you will be able to arrange a lift to practice once you join the team if you haven't got your own transport.

A Typical Session

Warm-ups start promptly so make sure you are changed and ready to go before training is supposed to start. The players normally jog a lap of the training area before lining up for a full dynamic warm-up. The warm-up usually takes around 15 minutes.

After warm-ups, everyone is ready to go. First, the special teams coach will take most of the squad through some special teams practice such as punts or kickoffs. Players not involved, such as the Quarterbacks, will continue warming up on the sideline. Often the coaching staff will have scouted the way our next opponent will set up for certain situations so the drills will reflect that.

After special teams there is a short, 5 minute competitive period normally consisting of contact drills such as "King of the Ring" where players attempt to push each other out of an area to win.

Next up is individuals. This means the team seperates into position groups. This is where the fundamentals are worked on as the wide receivers look to perfect their catching technique and route running while the running backs work on ball security, footwork drills and more.

Right after individuals it's time for "1 on 1". Positional group counterparts come together (O-Line and D-Line, Receivers and Defensive Backs, Running Backs and Linebackers) and work on the fundamentals that have just been coached in a competitive environment. The contact level varies depending on the exact drill but it is usually semi-contact.

Next, the Offensive and Defensive Line join the Running Backs and Linebackers in a 7 on 7 situation to practice the running game. Meanwhile the Receivers and Defensive Backs run their own pass-only version of a game situation. Quarterbacks and Tight Ends split time between the two groups to practice both important elements of their game.

Now, the team take a quick break for another competitive period before coming into scrimmage. This is usually an Offence vs Defence challenge such as "Tiger Attack" - where one player must run through a gauntlet of 3 blockers. This is a high intensity, high contact period aimed to get the blood flowing before full scrimmage. The players all love it and there are opportunities for players to do things that they are not normally required to do in their position.

Finally the team will scrimmage, usually for at least 45 minutes but often for much longer depending on what the coaches would like to do in a particular session. This is full tempo 11-on-11 football aiming to simulate a match situation. The offence will run their plays and the defence will try and stop them. Players substitute themselves in and out throughout the scrimmage so nobody is standing on the sideline watching.

At the end of practice, the Head Coach will bring the whole team together for a short reflection on the day's work. Chairman Willie Clark will provide updates about the next training time/location or meeting time for the next game.