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Glasgow Tigers 14 Dundee Hurricanes 6

July 3rd 2016

With Glasgow looking to secure play-off football for the first time in 7 seasons, they had to be careful not to slip up against Dundee, especially after the close 6-0 win back in week 1.

Dundee won the toss and elected to receive the ball and test the formidable Tigers defence early on. Although they moved the chains a couple of times they didn't manage to score any points on their opening possession as they punted the ball to the Tigers. Glasgow also had trouble getting anything going as the two teams continued to exchange punts in the first quarter.

The Tigers soon found some joy in the second quarter as a huge Darnell Starks pass to Scott Vallance got them inside Dundee's 5-yard line. Starks then kept the ball on the next play as he scrambled to the corner of the endzone for the first touchdown of the afternoon. Glasgow went to the air again for the two-point conversion attempt but it was broken up by the Hurricanes.

Not content with the 6 points, Glasgow kept attacking and Andy Reid caught a short pass that was tipped at least twice. He evaded multiple Hurricanes defenders to run the length of the field for yet another Tigers score. Conal Grieve then took the ball on a hand-off, easily finding space to get in the endzone for a successful two-point conversion.

Glasgow had found some good offensive rhythm and their defence were as dominant as ever, giving them multiple opportunities to drive the ball. After another long pass saw them knocking on the door for another touchdown, time expired for the first half leaving the score 14-0 at the break.

Dundee showed that they were still very much in the game early in the second half as they pulled off a great trick play. Their QB pitched the ball back to their running back who then launched the ball 30 yards downfield to a wide-open receiver, running the ball in for a Hurricanes touchdown. Their two-pointer attempt was unsuccessful. The Glasgow side then had interceptions from Scott McIntosh (2) and Thompson Sunerton to stop the Hurricanes from any further scoring, leaving the final score 14-6.

The Tigers are now 6-1 for the season and top of the NFC2 North, looking great for a playoff spot. Next up on July 24th is an away trip to Newcastle Vikings, who were top of the division until they were defeated by the Aberdeen Roughnecks which blows the NFC2 North wide open. It should be a fascinating conclusion to the season.