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Glasgow Tigers 6 - 0 Dundee Hurricanes

April 10th 2016

Both teams and officials held a minutes applause in memory of Alan Wilson as the Tigers played their first competitive game since the former head coach and official sadly passed away last September. The game started in bright sunshine and the defensive units were in fine form in this season opener at Dundee, not giving much way in yards at all. Tigers interceptions from first Scott McIntosh and then Nathan Brodie stopped any Dundee momentum, but the Glasgow side were unable to move the ball against a solid Dundee Defence.

In the second half both sides put some good drives together, the Tigers on the back of some nice Pete McNaughton runs, while Dundee had some long pass completions from QB Thomson. Glasgow’s Robb Rényi and James Lindsay also recorded interceptions to keep Dundee from scoring. Then Andy Currie grabbed a Dundee fumble for another Tigers turnover.

In the fourth quarter Tigers QB Paddy ODonnell scrambled for 29 yards to set up a short Dean Jardine run for a touchdown. The Hurricanes stopped the conversion but the Tigers held a 6 – 0 lead. The Dundee response saw Thomson connect for a 30 yard pass completion to move his team up the field but a Mark Chalmers fumble recovery allowed the Tigers to take a knee and the win.

The next Tigers fixture is on the 24th April when they travel to Northumberland.

Images taken by S.R Wood Photography.

Tigers WR Liam Baird fights through a tackle with RB Pete McNaughton leading the way.

Linebackers Stevie Munro and Corin Mack chase down the elusive Dundee Running Back.